Kansas City Epoxy Garage Floor Leader

Kansas City Epoxy Garage Floor Leader


Amazing Garage Floors is Kansas City leading and largest intaller of epoxy garage floors in Kansas City.  The Kansas City epoxy garage floor leader with our headquarters right here in Kansas City (Olathe, KS) and a epoxy garage floor system designed specifically in Kansas City for Kansas City garage floors, the choice is easy.  We now have 7 experienced and trained teams in place in the Kansas City/St Joeseph, Mo area to install Amazing Garage Floors in your home with the equipment and training to do more than 1000 installations a year.

We have continued to grow constantly since we began installing garage floors in Kansas City in 2007.  While dozens if not hundreds of people and companies have come and gone, we remain the leader!  Don’t trust your home’s garage floor to just anyone or some company that thinks they can make a quick buck by throwing some epoxy, polyurea, polyurethan, or polyaspartic down on the floor and calling it good.  We’ve seen it way too many times, and the low quality, barely trained by some 2 day seminar, appear and disappear many times a year, leaving homeowners saying that epoxy garage floors don’t work.  Don’t believe that all epoxy garage floors are the same!

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We have thousands of satisfied Amazing Garage Floor clients in Kansas City and more than a dozen other states.  We can handle your garage floor and you will fell confident that you chose the corrrect contractor to install your Kansas City epoxy garage floor.


Kansas City epoxy garage floor leader

John Hutchins-Kansas City Epoxy Garage Floor Leader


Kansas City Epoxy Garage Floor Leader is Amazing Garage Floors!

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Kansas City Epoxy Garage Floor Leader

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